Take a couple minutes and watch the demo showing how we use CTAC to search threat indicators targeting the banking community.

CTAC - The Future of Cyber Threat Management has Arrived!

Cyber Threat Analysis Center (CTAC) a webtop dashboard containing multiple cyber tools -- Elastic Stack, CyberChef, RocketJot and more, all aimed at helping both the beginner and the advanced cyber threat analyst find their way quickly through data sources. 

Watch the Kibana video. Powerful cyber tool anyone can use with just a little training.

Tools include a full commercial version of Kibana which allows you work with our data and/or bring in yours. Also included: CyberChef, CRITS, RocketJot, Wapackapedia and more. These are tools that offer low learning curves, large user bases.  Kibana/Elastic Stack offers an open, REST API for integration with as many other systems as needed. $6,995.00 per month.

Click to Download CTAC Feature Sheet

Click to Download CTAC Feature Sheet