vTO Program
(Virtual Trust Program)

vTO Program (Virtual Trust Program)

US Government, and nearly every corporation in the world. One unhappy employee can ruin your day, your reputation, and cost millions of dollars in losses. Wapack Labs has designed a virtual Trust Officer (vTO) Program. Trust is the key to corporate success. The vTO can perform government designed background checks, interview your employees, perform a variety of sensitive internal cyber investigations and help set a proactive preventative insider threat program. The program is designed to protect your company, employees and families from insider threats.

Many companies have organizational structures which often do not include the Human Resource (HR) departments within either the cyber security and the physical security operations. These organizational structures promote stovepipe information flow to the C-Suite level decision making and often deters crucial collaboration to proactively identify potential insider threats. Companies and organizations must be proactive in identifying insider threats focuses on trying to stop either negligence IT operations, or actual catch signs of nefarious financial or subversive cyber motivations.

Wapack Labs has former law enforcement professionals on staff who can counsel your department directors on how best to address this growing program. If you feel you already have had an incident, please contact Wapack Labs for a confidential briefing.

Bill Schenkelberg, Program Director bschenkelberg@wapacklabs.com

Tel.: 844-492-7225