In The Beginning

Wapack Labs is a privately held cyber intelligence company delivering proprietary intelligence data and in-depth strategic cyber threat intelligence.  We deliver insightful, actionable intelligence in formats best suited to your strategic, operational, and tactical needs.

Founded in 2011 by the creator of the first successful DoD public-private cyber intelligence partnership and an eCommerce pioneer, Wapack Labs focuses on identifying cyber threat actors, incidents, and trends; documenting tactics, techniques, and procedures; and putting that information into the proper context for both executive decision-makers and front-line defenders.

We follow a warning problem methodology; an approach used in the defense and intelligence communities to monitor and report on threats from both nation-states and non-state actors. Warning problems can run the gamut from phishing to DDoS to physical attack – whatever you consider a threat to your enterprise, and incorporates data and factors beyond the technical to include geographic, political, and economic trends and developments. This is our approach because “cyber” is only one aspect of the myriad threats facing your enterprise.

In 2017 Wapack Labs instituted an analytic suite of tools, all found in the Cyber Threat Intelligence Center (CTAC) and made it easier for data to be ingested, searched, manipulated, and exported to all types of customers. 

Our core offerings are available via subscription or as a part of a Managed Intelligence Service. We offer additional cyber security services that complement the company’s core offerings and provide customers with an exceptional value.