REPLAY AVAILABLE: The Big Broadcast - 2017 Cyber Attack Predictions

Did you have a chance to listen in on the Wapack Labs first Webcast of 2017? If you missed it or you want to listen to it again here is your chance. Will be available till January 31th, 2017 at 5:00 pm (Eastern).

Find out what top security professionals see coming in 2017. How will cyber criminals exploit your security vulnerabilities in your organization in 2017?  How can you best prepare to defend yourself?

Jason Healey, Senior Research Scholar in Cyber Conflict Studies, SIPA at Columbia University in the City of New York, moderated, and queried the senior Wapack Labs staff on their cyber security predictions for 2017.

Jeffery Stutzman Co-Founder CEO of Wapack Labs
Patrick Maroney Principle Engineer, Data Science & Analytics
Mike Tanji Managing Director
Liz Shirley Technical Director, Intelligence & Analysis

Massive Data Security Breaches A Problem Now More than Ever

In a world were technology is only growing more complicated faster and faster each day. And where consumers are putting more and more digital information out in the 'web' or the 'cloud' the risks have never been higher. This information is at constant risk which can leave consumers feeling helpless against the threat of hackers who are looking to sell their private information at top dollar.

Wapack Labs Announces Cyberwatch® API for Proactive Cyber Threat Intelligence.

Orlando, FL, September 12, 2016:  Wapack Labs, a cyber threat intelligence company, announced their new Cyberwatch® Application Program Interface (API) today at the Information Security Certification Consortium (ISC2) Congress in Orlando, FL. Companies will now be able to search Wapack Labs’ cyber intelligence collections directly through this bold, new application. That means users can identify and address security threats faster—including before they’re realized.

CLE Police Thank You Letter

This letter is to express our genuine commendation to Wapack Labs in your support of  the 2016 Republican National Convention, Division of Police intelligence collection efforts.

It has come to my attention that Wapack Labs provided forty-one (41) Situational Reports (SITREPs); two (2) RNC cyber security threat and vulnerability assessments; numerous verbal briefs and facilitated support to a covert social media operation. 

Wapack Labs: Protecting Client Businesses Worldwide Against Cyber Attacks

Wapack Labs: Protecting Client Businesses Worldwide Against Cyber Attacks

Wapack Labs Corporation identifies cyber threats before they become attacks. Founded in 2013, the company is a privately held cyber intelligence and threat analysis firm serving companies and organizations around the world. It does this by providing early threat detection through Internet surveillance operations, data gathering, and in-depth analysis of economic, financial and geopolitical issues. Intelligence is shared with clients through an array of packages that meet both their cyber needs and their bottom line.

Link to PDF of entire story.