• Live online collaboration between information security professionals.
  • Talk to members in our private collaboration space, or in real time through instant messaging.
  • Private forum for information security professionals, with a full complement of social networking, data collection/mining, and presentation functionality.
  • Over five years of finished intelligence and discussions regarding it. 
  • Red Sky® (SMB)  offers even the smallest company to leverage the power of community with some of the top companies and Infosec practitioners in the world.


  • Share and receive early warning information with others.
  • Private instant messaging connecting talent in other companies through the social networked environment, Cross Industry.
  • Quickly find, and consult with, experts in other companies.
  • Always on, 24/7, even if you’re not.
  • Preventing attacks, reducing reaction times.
  • Large, quickly accessible knowledge base of threat actors, malware and situational awareness.
  • Threat Calls hosted by Cyber Intelligence professionals


  • Maximize your Infosec spending without increasing burn.
  • Leverage massive amounts of external knowledge.
  • Increase the likelihood of prevention rather than incident response.
  • Increase cycle times when incident response becomes important.
  • Fight APT in your environment and save your intellectual property and assets.


Crowdsourced Intelligence & Analysis

  • Access to the Red Sky Alliance Crowdsourced Intelligence/Analysis Portal
  • Twice Weekly Threat Conference Calls
  • Member Contact Directory
  • Red Sky Committees/Workgroups
  • Free Attendance at Member Meetings
  • Advisor/Vendor Board Referrals

Indicators & Collections Database Access

  • Wapack Labs Intelligence Reports and Feeds
  • Access to Wapack Labs’ Indicator Database 
  • Portfolio Threat Monitoring System
  • Access to Wapack Labs analytic tools – i.e.: Soltra
  • Access to Wapack Labs Cyberwatch API - Raw Collections 

Vendor Membership

  • Partner Exchange Referral Service
  • Preferred sponsorship opportunities & Member Status


Who can join Red Sky Alliance?

Membership is open to commercial businesses and educational institutions.  Memberships are not available to government entities.  All potential members are vetted by Executive Board.  If you have any questions about whether your organization is eligible for membership, please send us an email to,