Keeping your business secure is more than a firewall, more than a data feed, more than a box. Wapack Labs has been showing companies how to stay safe for years.


By going deep into the internet underground, we observe cyber activity and trace it back to sources. 


The human approach “fuses” our proprietary information using deep analysis techniques and visualization to help get you to “left of kill chain”, better risk management information and clear situational awareness.


Our “alerting” process mitigates risk by providing longer lead time for network protection through target reports and victim notifications.


THE BEST CYBER INTELLIGENCE RESOURCES available via our cyberwatch api

The CyberWatch API is your access to the best cyber threat intelligence analysis resources. Get access quickly to high quality collection sets including Sinkholes, Keylogger collections, Malicious Emails, and more.



Keylogger Collections that yield thousands of newly compromised global accounts on a daily basis in industries ranging from shipping/ receiving to port operations to manufacturing and finance.  

Sinkhole Intelligence activities that focus on the use of honeypots and sinkhole techniques placed in specific locations. The intent is to not collect everything, rather take specific information – and then leave.  

Malicious Emails found by monitoring malware analysis sites for internal and external activity suggesting potential threats. Emails, keywords/ phrases, are all captured, analyzed.

Pastebin resources allow tracking of financial crime forums, targeting and collecting information on dozens of top hackers. As of 2015 Pastbin includes up to  95 million active pastes.



Track real time threats to your company, your suppliers, or your investment portfolio.


Patent pending quantified measures of cyber threats to your company tracked against your stock price. Not a public company? Compare to your industry or others. 


A private social environment for exchanging cyber security information, advice and defensive strategies.

24x7 Monitoring
& Endpoint Detection 

Wapack Labs partners with best in breed managed security service providers, endpoint monitoring companies and professional service providers to provide 24x7 monitoring with incident response.

Cyberwatch®  API

Yes, you can have it all. Integrate with the NEW CyberWatch API. Machine to machine or web interface.
Monitor up to 10 domains through our easy to use Web Interface or unlimited domains using your own tools.


Threat Intelligence University 

Train up to 20 employees in a two day, onsite classroom session, plus one online advanced analytics session, and weekly online refresher sessions for 90 days. Wapack Labs general intelligence subscription.