Get in Front of Cyber Attacks with a Risk Report


  • Keylogger Outputs: emails or keylogged portals appear in our reporting when we’ve identified user name and password pair(s) stolen from you or your organization. The number in the reporting shows the number of times users appear in our collections.
  • Sinkhole Connections: When a computer is compromised by malware, it often connects to a computer outside of the victim network for instructions. Wapack Labs purchased these command and control (C2) nodes specifically to identify computers reaching out of their native environment.
  • Pastebin Mentions: (and other ‘bins’) are locations on the Internet where bad guys exchange information. Pastebin information can sometimes be dated. While not always a perfect source, if your credentials show up on Pastebin, someone will try to use them.
  • Malicious Emails: are emails that we’ve identified with your organization in the sender or recipient line. These reports can often be early warnings of impending activity.
  • OSINT Correlations: Open-source intelligence (OSINT) is data collected from publicly available sources to be used in an intelligence context. In the intelligence community.
  • Threat Recon™ Records: is a cyber threat indicator search engine. If we’ve seen it, we’ll tell you what we know from our own sources, and select sources on the Internet. 


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