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Watch the video, and find out how easy it is to monitor your website or suppliers websites for suspicious activity.

At a Glance Reporting

We can monitor our intelligence sources for you. If we see you, we send you a suspicious activity report. Includes dark web monitoring, keylogger outputs, sinkholes, and more. Or we can give you what you need to do it yourself. Contact us for pricing.

  • We Monitor - Keylogger feeds going to bad people.
  • We Notify - We can alert you of suspicious activity. Weekly or monthly reporting.

  • We Report - Reporting includes not only what we know, but we'll keep you abreast of current and ongoing threats.

  • We Know - Cyber Intelligence is what we do everyday. We can provide critical insight into an adversary’s intentions, and activities.

Contact Us For Pricing.

Features for Everyone

Your world changes on a daily basis —so do our collections. Use RiskWatch daily to identify and mitigate active threats to your company, your suppliers, partners, or trusted third party relationships. In many cases, monitoring risk in your supply chain is a contractual requirement. RiskWatch can help.

Your customers require systems that protect them from not only global threats, but threats to their organizations. RiskWatch can help you identify those most pressing threats. 

Who needs security? Those with the most risks. Use RiskWatch to guide the efforts of your sales team —leads, insights, competitive intelligence. RiskWatch can help you focus and close more deals —good intelligence is the best unfair advantage!

You've been brought into a case for a data leak. The company says it happened on a specific data. RiskWatch can help prove or disprove that argument. How long has the breach been happening? Where is the data now? Who might have stolen it? RiskWatch can help with all of these questions and more. 

You're considering investment in a company, yet you know nothing about their cyber hygiene, cyber security, compliance, or, risk posture. Has your investment target already been compromised? Is their intellectual property safe or has it been stolen and sold? Are they leaking money through their website? RiskWatch can help. 

RiskWatch can arm you with the best information possible before you go onsite for that audit, incident response, architecture project, or management consulting engagement. Use RiskWatch to engage your clients with new ideas, risks, and threats.