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New Boston, NH USA – Wapack Labs announced today their new Virtual Trust Officer (vTO) Program. One unhappy employee can ruin your organization’s reputation, open the door for a Ransomware demand, resulting in millions of dollars in losses.


Wapack Labs is excited to invite you to our 2nd Cyber Intelligence on-line Briefings (CIB). This webinar is a deep dive into Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Jesse Burke, Advanced Cyber Analyst, will share research on RDP Wrap, Backdoors, Inception and MiTM. Join our webinar on Friday noon for the webinar and the reports.


Cyber Tool Highlight

RedXray is now available. Every company today needs fast access to their supplier security status. Find out which of your resources may have been compromised. Need some help? We can monitor for you and get back to you on a daily basis.