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BrightTALK PRESENTS: The Missing Link in the Supply Chain Webinar

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In recent years, the global supply chain has become the new"playground for hackers". With supply chain inherently having numerous links (from suppliers to manufacturers to distributors), the number of potentially exploitable relationships makes it an attractive target. This presentation includes the 'how' and the 'why' of supply chain attacks.

Please join Chris Hall, Co-Founder, and Principal Engineer as he walks you through the notable malware campaigns affecting supply chain in multiple industries.

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ISAO Ecosystem Spotlight Webinar: Pros and Cons of GDPR, July 25th, 2PM EST
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ISAO Ecosystem Spotlight Webinar: Pros and Cons of GDPR, July 25th, 2PM EST

Don’t let Cybercriminals Exploit Security Vulnerabilities in Your Organization.

How will GDPR impact cybersecurity information sharing efforts? What are the advantages of Information Sharing and Managed Security in this GDPR environment? In this webinar, Jeff Stutzman, CISO, and Chief Intelligence Officer of Wapack Labs will share a scary ransomware cyber story and share some insights on GDPR. 

Jeff Stutzman, CISSP
Chief Intelligence Officer
Wapack Labs LLC

New Era in Managing Information Security.

The ISAO Ecosystem Hot Topic Spotlight webinar will cover the basic components of GDPR and relate those to how it could impact cybersecurity information sharing efforts. It will be presented by presented by Norma Krayem, Senior Policy Advisor, and Global Chair, Holland & Knight Cybersecurity & Privacy Team.

Norma Krayem | Holland & Knight
Sr. Policy Advisor
Chair, Global Cybersecurity & Privacy Policy and Regulatory Team
Holland & Knight LL

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The H2L Solutions & Wapack Labs 3rd Annual 2018 Threat Symposium

Please join H2L Solutions & Wapack Labs and listen to top professionals talk about the critical issues surrounding cybersecurity. You will learn about the challenges, necessary skills, compliance strategies, and tools needed to protect your company’s infrastructure. Everything has changed, come and learn about the future of cyber threat management.

This FREE symposium offers the unique opportunity to network with your peers, showcase your solutions and learn new skills. Come for the day, the morning or the afternoon. And yes, we will provide lunch.

Key Note Speaker: Dr. Jim Armstrong,
Retired CIO for MDA
Chinese Cyber Cycle & Cyber Risk Awareness

Top Industry Cyber Threats, NIST Compliance, Weaponizing the Blockchain, Chinese Strategic Forces, Mind the Gap… Insider Threats & Industry

Jonathan Hard CEO/President H2L Solutions, Inc.; Jeff Stutzman, CISSP, Chief Intelligence Officer & Co-Founder Wapack Labs; Jesse Burke, Advanced Cyber Analyst, Wapack Labs; Stan Lozovsky, Vice President & COO, H2L Solutions, Inc; Patricia Long JD, LLM, Attorney, Long Law Firm

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FS-ISAC Solutions Showcase: From conceptual strategic risk to action in under five minutes.

The Wapack Labs' demo will walk you through a collection of primary sourced data to normalization into intelligence. Follow the data from raw to strategic threat to blacklist and delivery. If you're an analytically focused company, you'll already know the tools in our desktop. If you're mid-way on the Information Security maturity model, you'll appreciate the intelligence, training, and support that comes with it. If you're a small company with little or no Infosec capability, or perhaps rely on an MSSP, you'll love RiskWatch.  Intelligence in action. 

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H2L Solutions & Wapack Labs Presents The Red Sky Small Business Alliance

The Red Sky Small Business Alliance is a cyber security Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (ISAO) for small businesses. We take lessons learned from the government and large company operations and turn them into something usable by the small company audience. Join us for this webinar to learn more about Cyber Information Sharing and Analysis – access to the Red Sky Small Business Alliance web-based portal where members discuss and share information about their cyber concerns, breaches, and lessons learned.

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