Information security professionals are swamped with data. CTAC helps you make sense of that data and produce real intelligence quickly and conveniently.

A Full suite of security analysis tools, with 'get started' training.

At a fraction of the price of building your own:

  • SaaS based - Does not require lengthy internal IT approval processes
  • Monitor threats against your networks and your supply chain in a single console.
  • The EZ SEIM. Use our Elastic Stack at a fraction of the price of installing and managing a SIEM —and get our intelligence with it.
  • Compare malicious activity directed at you against what is happening with your peers, across your industry, or across all industries.
  • Compare what is happening to you today against five years of historical data.
  • Analyze malware and other technical intelligence without needing staff with advanced technical skills.
  • Create your own dashboards; every output can be as individualized as you need it to be.


We are not a big data shop. We are an analysis shop. We get questions from our subscribers, find sources of data to answer those questions, and then exploit them to write our reports.  Besides the standard open source intelligence —dark web, deep web, news, etc., CTAC is your access to the best primary sourced cyber threat intelligence resources.  Get access quickly to high quality collection sets including Sinkholes, Keylogger collections, Malicious Emails, and more:



Keylogger Collections yield thousands of newly compromised user names and passwords weekly. We collect on global accounts on a daily basis in industries ranging maritime to logistics, money movers, and manufacturing. 

Sinkholes - We take over known bad internet locations and watch to see who connects to us. If we see a connection, there's a high probability that the connecting computer has been compromised.   

Malicious Emails are found by monitoring malware analysis sites for internal and external activity suggesting potential threats.. like our member's email addresses, keywords/ phrases, etc., are all captured, analyzed for threats.

If your stuff ends up on Pastebin  it's said to be on the dark web for sale within 90 seconds! Even as a bad source of good intelligence, if your credentials show up here, someone will try to use them. We monitor Pastebin for you.


Monitor Intelligence Chatter. Watch the How-To Video

Monitoring and quantifying intelligence chatter -Employs easily understood data algorithms to monitor the potential for cyber attacks and presents it in a way easily understood by all. Click through the graphics to view the intelligence identified. Application Program Interface (API) available for use in your analysis engine, or presented at


Indicator Database

Capture Cyber Threat Indicators.  Watch the How-To Video.

Threat Recon™ is a cyber threat indicator search engine. Search for an indicator. If we’ve seen it, we’ll tell you what we know from our own sources, and select sources on the Internet. If we haven’t seen it, submit it to us! Indicators are have attribution when we know it, and are analyzed and ranked by confidence from 0 to 90%. Use the web interface for manual searches, or the REST API for JSON machine to machine queries.


Take the fight to the streets.

Click to Open PDF

Click to Open PDF

We identify the attacker. You go after them with business, financial, political, or legal means.  There are dozens of legal capabilities that exist that allow defenders to take action against attackers. We put a face on the bad guy –for your HR, Legal, or Political action.