Wapack Labs products:

Cyber Threat Analysis Center (CTAC)

Log in and you’ll be presented with a desktop full of analytic tools and Wapack Labs intelligence. Tools include a full commercial Elastic Stack allows you to bring your own data. Kicker is one of our favorite tools. Enter a query and Kicker will write a report for you.  Cyber Chef, CRITS, and more, these tools offer low learning curves, large user bases, and the Elastic Stack offers an open, REST API for integration with as many other systems as needed.

For those who need analytic tools, sandboxes, and collections but don’t want to build or maintain it themselves. Starts at $4,495 per year.


We monitor our intelligence sources for you. If we see you, we send you a suspicious activity report. Includes Dark Web monitoring, keylogger outputs, sinkholes, and more. Starts at $9 per month.

The Readboard

Wapack Labs original analysis written at the executive level, the Readboard is our lowest cost subscription, this product offers readers a full subscription to Wapack Labs public and semi-public reporting, as well as announcements of deep technical analysis, Targeteer reports (who’s doing this to you?), and victim notifications. Price: $375 per year

Threat Recon

Threat Recon™ is an indicator database. Search for an indicator. If we’ve seen it, we’ll tell you what we know from our own analysis, and aggregated sources on the Internet. If we haven’t seen it, submit it to us! Indicators are analyzed and ranked by confidence from 0 to 90%. Free for 1000 queries per month.

Red Sky Alliance

Red Sky Alliance (Private Cyber Information Sharing) is a Slack-based online cyber threat intelligence collaborative – a private ISAC/ISAO. We are trusted group of organizations sharing information about targeted, advanced, and emerging cyber threats in a private portal. Get help, give help, and pass along intelligence and lessons learned.  This membership is not available for government entities. Price: Based on revenue - $66,000 per year