CLE Police Thank You Letter

August 22, 2016

Jeffery L. Stutzman
CEO, Wapack Labs
365 Chestnut Hill Road
New Boston, NH 03070

Mr. Stutzman,

This letter is to express our genuine commendation to Wapack Labs in your support of  the 2016 Republican National Convention, Division of Police intelligence collection efforts.

It has come to my attention that Wapack Labs provided forty-one (41) Situational Reports (SITREPs); two (2) RNC cyber security threat and vulnerability assessments; numerous verbal briefs and facilitated support to a covert social media operation. This support was invaluable to our local intelligence collection; targeted through our Police Intelligence Unit. Several of the SITREPs were used directly to identify operations. Your analyst was very instrumental in assisting with the collection of intelligence in the deep and dark web. This is a vital collection function often missed by law enforcement.

We clearly appreciate the valued cooperation between law enforcement and a private cyber security firm such as Wapack Labs. This partnership is a necessary support function regarding the collection and analysis of criminal and terrorist IT/cyber related matters. Your support embodied the full spirit of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's 2015 Cyber Integration of Fusion Centers Direction and within the City of Cleveland, Division of Police.

Edward Tomba,
City of Cleveland, Division of Police, Deputy Chief

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