Introducing the Wapack Labs Cyber Threat Analysis Center (CTAC 1.0)

Information security professionals are swamped with data. CTAC helps you make sense of that data and produce real intelligence quickly and conveniently.

  • Monitor threats against your networks and your supply chain in a single console.
  • Compare malicious activity directed at you against what is happening with your peers, across your industry, or across all industries.
  • Compare what is happening to you today against five years of historical data.
  • Analyze malware and other technical intelligence without needing staff with advanced technical skills.
  • Create your own dashboards; every output can be as individualized as you need it to be.

Keeping your business secure is more than a firewall, more than a data feed, more than a box. Wapack Labs has been showing companies how to stay safe for years.


By going deep into the internet underground, we observe cyber activity and trace it back to sources. 


The human approach “fuses” our proprietary information using deep analysis techniques and visualization to help get you to “left of kill chain”, better risk management information and clear situational awareness.


Our “alerting” process mitigates risk by providing longer lead time for network protection through target reports and victim notifications.



Track real time threats to your company, your suppliers, or your investment portfolio.


Targeteer is a legal, active, intelligence driven process of identifying,
disrupting, or degrading an attacker’s ability to carry out attacks on our
customers and their targets.


A private social environment for exchanging cyber security information, advice and defensive strategies.

24x7 Monitoring
& Endpoint Detection 

Wapack Labs partners with best in breed managed security service providers, endpoint monitoring companies and professional service providers to provide 24x7 monitoring with incident response.



A cyber threat intelligence API developed by Wapack Labs. Indicators are analyzed and ranked by confidence from 0% to 90%..


Threat Intelligence University 

Train up to 20 employees in a two day, onsite classroom session, plus one online advanced analytics session, and weekly online refresher sessions for 90 days. Wapack Labs general intelligence subscription.