Whats in the RiskWatch report. Watch the video and find out!


RiskWatch is now available and risk notifications are being sent to affected parties. Wapack Labs scours the Internet for stolen personal information, including email accounts and passwords.  Interested in on-going cyber monitoring of your network and your 3rd party resources?  Try RiskWatch free for 30 days. Cancel any time. 

Keeping your business secure is more than a firewall, more than a data feed, more than a box. Wapack Labs has been showing companies how to stay safe for years.

we hunt

You tell us what you worry about. We go hunting.

By going deep into the internet, and its undergrounds, we cultivate and collect against our own proprietary intelligence sources, social media, the deep web, dark web, and more. 

Our Hunt Team (Team Jaegar) observes cyber activity, traces it back to sources, and publishes Tactical Reports (TACREPS) on their fast-turnaround raw findings.

we analyze

In our model, humans use automation and tools to speed up processes. We are not replaced by them. Nor should you be. Our intelligence teams employee all-source 'fusion' processes, that push to get you to “left of kill chain” —before the breach. 

This type of analytics offers invaluable risk management information offering not only Indicators of Compromise -IOCs, but details on threats, what they want, how they might get it, and who they are.

we report

We produce approximately 300 reports per year. 

Reporting is produced in human readable form (PDF), and is delivered in our private social media location, Red Sky Alliance. Information is then normalized into computer readable form (JSON, STIX, and CSV) that may be searched from our Cyber Threat Analysis Center, the CTAC,  via web interface, through an API, or pulled into your own SIEM. 

Wapack Labs Cyber Threat Analysis Center

Called by some, the "Kali" of Threat Intelligence

Information security professionals are swamped with data. CTAC helps you make sense of that data and produce real intelligence quickly and conveniently.

  • Full suite of analysis tools, with 'get started' training.
  • SaaS based - Does not require lengthy internal IT approval processes
  • Monitor threats against your networks and your supply chain in a single console.
  • The EZ SEIM. Use our Elastic Stack at a fraction of the price of installing and managing a SEIM —and get our intelligence with it.
  • Compare malicious activity directed at you against what is happening with your peers, across your industry, or across all industries.
  • Compare what is happening to you today against five years of historical data.
  • Analyze malware and other technical intelligence without needing staff with advanced technical skills.
  • Create your own dashboards; every output can be as individualized as you need it to be.

24x7 Monitoring

Wapack Labs partners with best in breed managed security service providers, endpoint monitoring companies and professional service providers to provide 24x7 monitoring with incident response. Ask us. We'll make a referral.


Threatrecon®, Wapack Labs Indicator Database -Indicators are analyzed and ranked by confidence from 0% to 90%. Free to try, purchase what you need. Find it at threatrecon.co



Threat Intelligence University - train up to 20 employees in a two day, onsite classroom session, plus one online advanced analytics session, and weekly online refresher sessions for 60 days. Wapack Labs general intelligence subscription.