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The Wannacry ransom malware continues to wreak havoc globally. While it is unique in it's scale, it is still typical of most ransomware and subject to the same mitigation's.

A popular vector for ransomware attacks is malicious email campaigns so the most important mitigation is prevention. Be paranoid! If the email appears suspicious in any way, then either upload the entire email or just the attachment to the Virus Total. Virus Total is a free scanning service that will compare files and URLs against all major Anti-Virus vendors:

Ransomware works by encrypting your files and then charging you money for the decryption key. That said, if you maintain an offline backup of your important files then you can save yourself some money by restoring the lost files. Next you need re-image/reinstall your operating system to ensure removal of the malware.

This should go without saying, however make sure your systems are up-to-date on security patches. Many times malware will exploit dated vulnerabilities that could have easily been prevented by staying current on updates.

If you were unsuccessful in preventing malware installation and your files are NOT backed up, then the first step should be to remove your computer from the network immediately so as to prevent possible malware propagation. From here you have one of two options: pay the ransom or decrypt the files yourself. The latter option assumes there is an available decryptor for the particular malware variant. Ransomware decyptors can be found with a Google search.

If you decide to pay the ransom, then the quicker the better as many times the ransom will increase the more time goes by. The ransomware instructions often have detailed instructions on how to do so.

The only silver lining is that if you decide to pay the ransom, then chances are you will receive the key to decrypt your files. The ransomware industry relies on ransom payments so they have a vested interest in following through on their part of the deal.

Link to Microsoft's Security Update for Microsoft Windows SMB Server


The following link lists mitigations (SNORT and YARA rules) and indicators for the current WannaCry malware campaign.



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