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The H2L Solutions & Wapack Labs Threat Symposium 2017

CyberSecurity - Where do you get the intelligence you need to keep your business safe?

Before you head over to the National Cyber Summit, please join us for the 2nd Annual H2L Solutions & Wapack Labs 2017 Threat Symposium and come listen to top professionals talk about the critical issues surrounding information security. You will learn about the challenges, necessary skills, and tools to protect your company’s infrastructure and how to improve security implementations.

Presenters: Jonathan Hard CEO/President H2L Solutions, Inc.; Liz Shirley, Technical Director, Intelligence & Analysis, Wapack Labs Inc.; Dr. Jim Armstrong, Retired CIO for MDA; Sean Hopkins, H2L Solutions; Chris Hall, Senior Analysist, Wapack Labs Inc.

All Inclusive. We provide lunch for all of the attending delegates.

For more information please email